Epidemiologic Survey of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus in Suids, Spain

EID Journal


We conducted a cross-sectional study in wild boar and extensively managed Iberian pig populations in a hotspot area of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV) in Spain. We tested for antibodies against CCHFV by using 2 ELISAs in parallel. We assessed the presence of CCHFV RNA by means of reverse transcription quantitative PCR protocol, which detects all genotypes. A total of 113 (21.8%) of 518 suids sampled showed antibodies against CCHFV by ELISA. By species, 106 (39.7%) of 267 wild boars and 7 (2.8%) of 251 Iberian pigs analyzed were seropositive. Of the 231 Iberian pigs and 231 wild boars analyzed, none tested positive for CCHFV RNA. These findings indicate high CCHFV exposure in wild boar populations in endemic areas and confirm the susceptibility of extensively reared pigs to CCHFV, even though they may only play a limited role in the enzootic cycle.

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