Particularly, the «One Health approach» to veterinary medicine is an integral part of my ethos as a veterinarian, and I firmly believe that conservation efforts must be intertwined with the implementation of human health initiatives and environmental preservation. While my career began as a parasitologist, I have since engaged in a diverse array of research and field projects, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of zoonoses, pharmacology, biochemistry, epidemiology, virology, and microbiology, among other disciplines. My journey in research commenced in 2007 when I obtained a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medical sciences from Kafrelsheikh University (Egypt), where I received recognition for academic excellence. Following graduation, I continued to pursue my research and teaching interests through several years of teaching and mentoring at Sohag University, Egypt. During this time, my research primarily focused on unraveling the mechanisms underlying various infectious diseases. My key responsibilities encompassed: A) Conducting research on the epidemiology, diagnosis, control, and treatment of diverse zoonotic diseases; B) Investigating host-pathogen interactions and identifying novel drug targets; and C) Teaching and supervising undergraduate, master, and PhD students. A significant turning point in my academic and research journey occurred when I embarked on a PhD fellowship at the University of Granada, Spain. My main research activities during my PhD thesis were entitled ´´ Epidemiological Studies on Zoonotic Leishmaniasis and New Trials for Studying the Effect of Melatonin on the Parasite´´. Throughout my career, my passion for research and teaching, coupled with my extensive background in zoonotic diseases, has been nurtured through hands-on experience gained from international exposure, short-term professorships, involvement in local and international projects, numerous international grants, and various postdoctoral research stays across multiple countries. These experiences have equipped me with invaluable screening, identification, diagnostic, and research skills, which will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of my future career and contribute to significant outcomes in my field.

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4484-3678